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Sender Siti Norlela from Woodlands, Singapore
Date Sent 2006-03-23 00:55:23
Testimonial Bali is our destination for our honeymoon and Mas Agung was introduced to us by Mas Anum(his cousin) and subsequently we took him as our guide and driver since its our first time there. Mas Agung is a friendly, jovial, courteous and puntual person and we get along easily with him. His motto - "If you are happy, I´m happy" (We wont forget this~ Its his trademark) Thanks for bringing us to all the interesting places in Bali. It is really a beautiful experience and you made our honeymoon an enjoyable one. We will be coming back there real soon.... Till then, see you again soon!
Sender Michael Feeley from Berkeley, California
Date Sent 2006-02-06 11:39:43
Testimonial Agung was fantastic. Great driver, punctual, friendly, and knowledgable. We hired him for two days and he helped make our recent trip to Bali very special. We only had to tell him the kinds of places and things we´d like to see, and he took care of everything. It was great fun to spend two days with him. Thanks, Agung.
Sender John Winter from 24,Robertson Close,Clifton-upon-Dunsmore - UK
Date Sent 2005-12-30 04:11:08
Testimonial Agung Dena is acheerful,enthusiastic,courteous and punctual guide who will introduce you to every aspect of Bali which he loves deeply.He has very good connections and through him I was able to learn traditional Balinese painting methods and take part in celebrations and ceremonies which I would not otherwise have been able to experience,such as cremation, tooth-filing and full-moon ceremonies.I was also able to meet many of his extended family and friends,and to visit traditional Balinese homes and enjoy their warm and generous hospitality, and attempt to learn some of the Indonesian and Balinese languages! All the sites we visited we saw to their best adavantage, such as Tanah Lot at sunset or the temple celebrations on the night of the full moon.He is very considerate and will make your visit as comfortable as possible, finding you the best restaurants to your taste or stopping the car at the best spot for you to take a photograph.You will find that his total satisfaction guarantee is not an idle promise, but that your visit will exceed expectations. I would warmly recommend Agung Dena to every new or seasoned traveller to Bali. John Winter, UK.
Date Sent 2005-10-22 04:37:10
Testimonial Agung showed us what we really wanted to see, the real face of bali and the balinese upon the shop of Kuta.

Agung is more than a good driver with excellent professionnel skills. He is a fantastic guy and I wish it could be many more people like him on earth, as I wish the entire world could be like Bali, beautiful and peaceful.

Thanks again Agung, many kisses from France.
Sender Yuki Kawagishi from Japan
Date Sent 2005-03-18 06:54:08
Testimonial Dena san ha totemo shinsetsu ni okyaku san no tachiba ni tatta service
wo shitekure masu. kuruma no norigokochi ha totemo kaiteki de,
ni yowai watashi demo kaiteki deshita. soshite, mokuteki no basho ni
dakedenaku soko ni ikumade no keshiki mo tanoshimasete kuremasu.
sonoue totemo ryoushintekina ryoukin desu. watashi ha Bali niha
ittakoto ga arimasu ga watashi no shiru nakade kare ha saikou no
driver de
ari sosite guide desu. zehi kare no annai de Bali no suteki na tabi wo
koto wo osusume shimasu.
Yuki Kawagishi.
Sender Mark Walseth from America
Date Sent 2005-02-15 19:09:27
Testimonial Dena is on top of everything so that you don´t have to be! Such a good deal to know him, so glad that I do know him.
Basically, he is the best friend a guy could hope for, and just happens to be a professional guide for Bali by occupation. I would urge anybody going to Bali to take advantage of his services...
Sender Hiroshi Katagiri from Japan
Date Sent 2005-02-15 19:04:22
Testimonial I visited Bali in December 2004 and had a very enjoyable time with him.
He is a really cool guy. He has a genuine courtesy, good sense of humor
and open mind, let alone excellent driving techniques and good command
of English. He always says "When you´re happy, I´m happy". It´s not
specious words but his real heart. I hope you enjoy Bali with him and
bring happiness to him!!
Sender Anne und Walter Niesen from Troisdorf, Germany
Date Sent 2005-02-14 15:57:53
Testimonial Agung is not only a skilled Bali driver and a very experienced Bali guide: with his outgoing personality he will win your heart in minutes and within a couple of days a serious friendship will develop. We consider him to be among the very best what Bali has to offer and we wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.
Sender Kevin from American University Student
Date Sent 2005-02-14 15:57:25
Testimonial A very friendly driver who gives you a very personal and interesting experience with the Balinese culture.
Sender Maria and Dieter Kanzlerski from Bonn, Germany
Date Sent 2005-02-14 15:56:11
Testimonial We thank you very much for your care during our stay in Bali. We got to know you as a warm and kind companion as well as a secure and careful driver. We spent a very nice time with you and you showed us very much of the beautiful island of Bali. With your help we learned much about your country and its people. Especially we thank you for your good explanation about the Bali Hinduism and the wonderful festivals in the temples. We often think about the impressing cremation ceremonies in Denpasar you discovered for us. We can say we have had wonderful holidays and we have found a new friend in Bali. Many thanks again and you can be sure, we will send you some friends of us to show them Bali too.

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